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Vitiligo is a skin disease. It is characterized by the loss of cells (melanocites) which produce the pigmentation of the skin. As a result, white spots appear in different areas of the body.These white spots appear progressivelyin the face, limbs and the genital area. In many people the depigmentation appear first in the hands and later in the face.
Melagenina Plus has proved to be effective in 86 % of the cases under treatment. Its application is completely innocuous. It has no side effects and can be used in children, pregnant women and elderly people.Melagenina Plus (Melagenina + calcium chloride), is an alcoholic extract of human placenta, a product which has the property of increasing the reproduction of melanocites, and the production of the melanina,resulting in a "choice medication" for the vitiligo treatment, as it accelerates the reproduction of the remainingmelanocites in the border or inside zones of the acronycal body  areas of the patient.
Melagenina Plus is capable of achieving the reversion of the severe cases of vitiligo because it potentiates, in intensity and duration, the stimulating effect of the skin pigmentation as a result of the addition of calcium to melagenina. Calcium is an essential activator in the process of cell reproduction and melanic synthesis. Being completely innocuous (no side effects), the treatment with Melagenina Plus makes possible its use in children and adults, including elderly people, pregnant women and during the menstruation period.
It is compatible with all types of food or beverage, and with other medications, except for psoralenos, corticoids, and citostatics, with which it is antagonic. Melagenina Plus has no local or systemic side effects.

Presentation: Amber crystal bottle: 235 ml.
Composition: Human Lipoprotein placentary fraction  in alcohol (890 degrees) 235 ml. And CaC12      




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